Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Once a peach, always a peach"

"Once a peach, always a peach".

"Once a what?" you might ask.

I often use this phrase when I refer to a temperament of a child.  The temperament of a child is their "innate personality", and it is something that I believe, you cannot change, or at least, cannot change easily.

Just like a peach, you cannot change it into an apple. What you can do though, is to accept it, work with it, and maximize its potential.

So like your child, accept them for who they are, love them and understand them, nurture their strengths and manage their weaknesses, and ultimately, this will maximize their potential.

This is in essence what we try to do in ACT...Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Note: If you have child with ASD, then the ACT approach can be very useful.  I encourage you to talk to your Doctor, Psychologist or Counsellor about this.