Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asperger's and How it can lead to Depression and Anxiety

Asperger's is a developmental condition whereby a person has a "pervasiveness" or a "detached manner", which can often affect their social life.  Hence, this can be very stressful for the individual and their family, as it can affect relationships.  Of course, in order to diagnose Asperger's or Autism, there are many other criteria but the "pervasiveness" is one of the main features.

There are some thought that it is related to a lack of empathy.  However, some recent research suggest that this may not be totally true.  Could they have too much empathy but are unable to regulate it?  In any case, the cause is still unclear.

Part of managing this problem is to accept it for what it is.  Everything in life has its good and bad.  A piece of steel is strong and rigid, but it is NOT flexible.  Out of something good, there is something bad, and out of something bad, there is always something good.

Having Asperger's or Asperger's traits has its benefits too.  For example, it has its advantages in professions that require one to be more emotionally detached e.g. a lawyer, judge, surgeon, engineering, IT, researcher or soldier.

Part of the ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) approach, is to embrace it, and channel it into something useful rather than to fight it or fix it.  Sometimes, one cannot fight force with force.  It might be better to embrace it, and then channel it into something more helpful.  It is more like "surfing" through life rather than "battling" through it.

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