Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Emotional Personality and How This Can Create Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes, I refer to the term "emotional personality" as the opposite end of the spectrum to the "emotionally detached personality".  With the emotional personality, your actions are mainly dictated by your feelings whereas, for the "emotionally more detached", actions are more logically or thinking based.

In life, every strength has an intrinsic weakness.  So if one have an "emotional personality", one may have great potential to be warm, caring, nurturing, and empathetic.  But on the flip side, one may also have more potential to attract drama into one's life.  If one is more logical or thinking based, then one may have great potential to be rational but at the price of being a bit "cold" or insensitive perhaps.

It is like fire.  One can use it for the greater good, or one can use it for bad.  Being aware of this, may allow one to understand oneself, accept oneself, and find more balance perhaps.

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