Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beliefs that we hold as parents

As parents, we often inadvertently expect a lot from our children, and this is quite "normal".

Whenever we are very stressed about parenting, it might be useful to reflect on our beliefs about parenting that makes us react in that way. By being aware of our beliefs, we might then be able reassess, and see if our beliefs are helpful or not.

Some of the beliefs about parenting which I often see are:
  • My children should listen to me at all times.
  • My children should do what they are told at all times.
  • My children should follow the rules all the time.
  • My children should behave at all times.
  • My children should respect me at all times.
  • My child's behaviour is a reflection of how good I am as a parent
These beliefs may not be so realistic, and create a lot of tension for us as parents.  By being aware of these beliefs, one is able to find more realistic alternative beliefs or ways of thinking.