Monday, August 22, 2011

A Psychologist's perspective on "Questions of Faith" written by our Guest Psychologist Fabienne Green in Springfield Ipswich

In life, people often have questions of faith.  Now putting religion and all expectations associated with that topic aside, I would like to say that, as a Psychologist, I have faith in people.

Having spent the last nine years working in the most challenging areas, I must say that the endurance of the human spirit still has the ability to fill me with awe.

People struggle with the most difficult circumstances.  They may have become lost in the mire of depression or caged by anxiety.  Others have experienced grief, loss, trauma. Sometimes, I have been overwhelmed by sadness at the capacity of humans to damage each other.

But even during those times, I have been struck by a realisation.  That is, despite all odds, the person sitting across from me managed to get out of their house and attend the session that day.  By rights, it's a miracle that some people are still here at all, let alone taking steps towards changing their existence to lead a rich and full life once more.  It is during those times that I feel humbled by the strength of people who are enduring their weakest moments.

And everytime I witness this, it strengthens my faith in people...fallible, vulnerable, imperfect.  People.

Fabienne Green
Registered Psychologist
Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society