Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge of the spend some quality time with your children

Today, I've decided to do what I preach and that is, to spend quality time with my 2 young boys. 

So what is "quality time?".

Is it a day out at Disneyland or some other fun park?
Is it a day at the shopping centre?
Is it a day at the beach?
Is it a day with the grandparents or relatives?

From a health professional point of view, quality time with our children is when we are mindful of them, being present and in the moment with them, interacting with them, paying attention and listening to them, responding to their verbal and nonverbal cues.

Quality time does not have to be a whole day long.  In actual fact, frequent short periods of 2-3mins is often preferred.

So my challenge for all the parents out there, is to commit from today, frequent short periods of quality time with your children.  This may make a big difference to them and your relationship with them.  Happy parenting.

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