Sunday, June 5, 2011

How we deal with the loss of a loved one...Bereavement

Some people deal with loss very badly.  Some deal with it NOT so well, but eventually, they will "get there".  On the hand, some deal with loss exceptionally well as they can accept what is IS, and move forward with relative ease.

So why are we differ in the way we deal with loss?

There are many factors, but part of the answer lies in our beliefs and values.

If we believe that when a person dies, they move on to some dark and horrible place, then it is understandable for us to feel anxious, depressed, uncertain, and very upset.

However, if we believe that they have now found peace and will go to heaven, then we may feel more at ease.

If we believe that when a person dies and then it is "all over", then we might feel neutral or have a deep sense of loss.

By reflecting on our belief system, it gives us an opportunity to accept it for what it is, or to challenge it and cultivate a new belief in its place.

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