Sunday, January 16, 2022

How couples can unhook in a conflict or disagreement

The mind is a wonderful tool, but it’s often a tool many of our patients find very hard to manage.

In relationships, we often have the reactive “fight or flight” responses with unintended consequences. It’s hard to unhook from this “fight or flight” response in a heated moment.

So what is a simple way to “unhook” from this reactive “fight or flight” response in our relationships.

We can simply view our life like making a film or movie of our life story. In a reactive heated moment, when our feeling mind takes charge, we can simply pause and ask our partner for a “Take 2”. Something that is agreed to prior.

“Can we do a Take 2” or something similar, may be just enough to do a retake, and stop the spiral into the fight and flight responses.

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