Sunday, July 4, 2021

A metaphor to help us observe our thoughts and feelings for better processing and clarity

If we represent our thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper or iPad, and really “zoom in” and focus on that with a level “obsession” or “passion”, then that can be a double edge sword. 

A good outcome or not, will depend on the quality of those thoughts and feelings.

So it’s really important to “zoom out” to observe those thoughts and feelings, and ask .....

Is this old news, fake news, or useful news, and let that guide us. If it’s old, fake, or unhelpful news, we may choose to ignore it. If it’s useful news, “zoom in” and take assertive actions.

Your “piece of paper” or “iPad” with your thoughts and feelings, is like the internet. It’s undeniable that it’s a wonderful tool, but one needs the space to differentiate the good quality information from the bad ones.

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