Sunday, July 5, 2020

Is emotional pain important for us to thrive and survive?

Emotional pain is like physical pain and of course, it's uncomfortable. We don't like it and at the same time, it does serve a very important feedback mechanism for us to process in order to help us thrive and survive. Emotional pain can be an indication for us that our needs are not being met. This is one of a few frameworks with which we can use to process our emotional pain. It is an important framework to assist us in regulating our emotions. We can summarise it into 3 human needs: 1 The need for stability, security and control 2 The need for love and connection with our "tribe" 3 The need for growth, newness, fun, and novelty Knowing which needs are deficient will assist us with addressing those issues more effectively. Reference: Maslow Hierarchy of needs Rogerian Psychotherapy

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