Friday, January 13, 2012

Compliment Your Partner written by our Guest Parenting Educator and Author Michael Grose

Yet another study came out recently that showed parents experience less life satisfaction than childless couples.

Parenting is supposed to be fulfilling. Maybe the good bits come further down the track.

Anyway, parents who did best in the life satisfaction stakes enjoyed each other’s company. That’s pretty obvious.

BUT the researchers noticed one thing, which is really significant. Couples with kids who reported higher life satisfaction shared more compliments and showed greater appreciation to each other.

The great psychologist John Gottman can predict whether a marriage will last the distance by measuring the number of complimentary remarks couples make to each other.

More cross words than complimentary words is a bad sign.

More compliments and less cross words, is a sign of a strong partnership and higher life satisfaction.

Michael Grose
Parenting Educator