Thursday, October 6, 2011

Top 10 tips to get better sleep written by our Guest Psychologist Prof. Timothy Sharp @ The Happiness Institute Sydney Australia

Here in Australia, and I would suggest, across most of the "Western World" we have a hidden epidemic of...sleep deprivation.

Too many people suffer way too much because, quite simply, they're not getting enough sleep.
This is massively problematic because sleep affects health and wellbeing, concentration and attention, mood and interpersonal relationships...and so much more!

So if we want to maximise health and happiness then one of the things we need to do is fix this problem of tiredness. How? Well here are 10 Simple Tips from "The Good Sleep Guide"...
  1. Understand the need for sleep - and ensure your expectations are realistic.
  2. Make sleep a priority - and watch your sleep improve
  3. Eat well, and consume alcohol, caffeine and other drugs in moderation only
  4. Engage in regular exercise and keep active - take the stairs and walk whenever you can
  5. Learn to relax - and then practice as often as you can
  6. Sort our your sleep routine - go to bed only when you’re tired, avoid stimulating activities in the bedroom, and get up at the same time every day
  7. Organise your time - allowing time to “wind down” at night
  8. Develop healthy thinking and overcome worry - don’t say things to yourself you wouldn’t want someone else to say to you
  9. Address other problems in your life - they usually don’t go away by themselves
  10. Practice and persevere - developing a healthy lifestyle and a good sleep routine can take between 4 and 6 week
Getting good sleep is vitally important for health and wellbeing, happiness and living a good life so put these 10 simple sleep tips into action and reap the rewards!

Prof. Timothy Sharp
Executive Coach & Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker