Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 ways to find happiness by doing something..written by our Guest Psychologist Prof. Timothy Sharp @ The Happiness Institute Sydney Australia

If your mum told you "it's the thought that counts" she was only half right; because actions speak louder than words!

Thoughts and intentions are, without a doubt, important, but so too are actions. In fact more often than not when it comes to happiness, those who're happier tend to be more likely to be "do-ers". Obviously, happy people think about things but that's not all they do; they then translate those thoughts into positive and constructive actions which then...brings about happiness by increasing their chances of living a good life.

So today, it's my pleasure to bring you "10 Ways to Find Happiness by doing Something":
  1. Do something, anything...action is more likely to boost mood than inaction
  2. Break what you want to do down into small, achievable chunks; so when you do something just do it it in bite sized bits
  3. Work towards a meaningful goal; achievement is a powerful source of happiness and wellbeing
  4. Engage in some form of purposeful action, something that will create meaning for you and/or for others
  5. Do some exercise or any form of healthy activity
  6. Meditate or relax (you can do something without necessarily moving!) 
  7. Practice a random act of kindness; do something good to or for someone else
  8. Practice a talent or skill to build mastery and confidence; there's nothing like getting better at something to bring about positive emotions
  9. Play and have fun
  10. If in doubt, call a friend and ask for some suggestions!
So there it is, 10 ways to find happiness by doing something. So off you something now!

Prof. Timothy Sharp
Executive Coach & Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker