Monday, June 13, 2011

What is the Overall Management of Depression and Anxiety

The overall management of depression and anxiety require a bit of insight into the factors that contribute to the person's anxiety and depression.

Factors to consider are:

1 Genetic factors:  Consider family history.
2 Personality e.g. the emotional personality or the perfectionist who is self critical and fear failure.
3 Environmental Factors such as marital disharmony and parental stress.
4 Drugs, medications or alcohol.
5 Physical factors eg sleep apnea, chronic pain, diabetes, thyroid diseases to name a few.

The more "genetic" it is, the more likely one needs medications such as Serotonin based antidepressants.  The stronger the personality and environmental components are, the more counselling will help.  Drugs and alcohol will need to be addressed.  Medications will require a review and physical issues will need to be sorted out.

Even though drugs and alcohol may seem to help with anxiety in the short term, it is a "short term gain and long term pain" scenario, as it may worsen depression and anxiety.

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