Saturday, May 28, 2011

How "acceptance" can help with Depression or Anxiety?

In our society, there is a bias towards fixing things rather than accepting thing as they are, or "letting things go".  Being able to fix things is our greatest strengths, but inherently, this is also our greatest weakness.  If the problem is too great and we cannot fix it, then we get very frustrated and stressed out!

One of the philosophy that is cultivated in Budhism is acceptance.  Accept and surrender to what is....IS.

So which philosophy is better?
To fix or to accept?

"Depends" is the answer perhaps, as we need both to manage our lives.   Just think about when you drive a car.  Is acceleration pedal more important than the brakes?  "Depends", as we need both to be in control of our vehicle.  So if fixing is like acceleration, and acceptance is like braking, we need to fine tune both skills in order to be in control of our lives.

In essence, fix what we can, and accept the things that we cannot.

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